Excel & VBA Courses Offered

Below are some of the courses offered by us. These courses are very well structured, so you dont have to waste even a minute of your time, trying to join bits & pieces together to learn valuable Excel skills. With very little investment on time & money, you can add some great Excel skills to your repertoire.
Microsoft Excel - Power Of Macros In 60 Minutes


A step-by-step video series that will help you get familiar with Excel’s Macro Recorder. Many Excel users across the globe are unaware of the power macros can bring to their workbooks, and the amount of time that can be saved.


This course aims at getting you equipped with enough tips & tricks to automate any repetitive tasks that you might be performing, using Excel’s Macro Recorder.


You can learn some great techniques without having any programming knowledge with very little investment on time & money. 


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Microsoft Excel - Building Excel Formulas From Scratch


A step-by-step video series that will help you get familiar with basic to intermediate level concepts of Formula Building.


Highly sophisticated formulas can be built using Excel to get results most users might not even imagine.


This course aims at helping studets develop that logical thinking that would guide them in the right direction in the subject of Formula Building 


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