Syntax – CONCATENATE( text1, text2, ... text_n )

Concatenate is just a fancy name for “Join”. When you join two or more text strings together, to convert it into one whole text string, it is called concatenation.

Any text in Excel will be put inside of double quotation marks, (“Hi George“) for Excel to understand it as Text. Also note, a space character is also a text string, and is wrapped around double quotation marks (“ “).

Let’s check out an example -


In the picture above, Cell A1 contains first name & cell B1 has last name. Cell C1 contains a formula to derive full name, using inputs from cells A1 & B1.

The formula actually contains 3 text strings, “First Name (A1), Space Character, Last Name (B1)”

Without using the space, the output will look like this.

Concatenate Without Space.PNG

In fact, you don’t always need to use the “Concatenate” function, you can get the same output by using the ampersand “&” symbol to join.

Concatenate Using Ampersand.PNG

Pretty easy to understand eh?

Check out the Video to learn more about this amazing Excel Text Function – “Concatenate”

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