Build An Excel Drop Down List

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Today, you will learn how to create a simple Excel Drop Down List using Data Validation.

Excel Drop Down Lists are amazing that can save you lot of time. Once you have a Drop Down List in place, you don’t need to type anymore, all you have to do is select the appropriate option. It can also help restrict the user chose an option only from the possible list of options, avoiding incorrect entries or typos.

I will be showing you a couple of examples for you to understand it better.

Example 1: Drop Down List with hardcoded source data –

Excel Data Validation Drop Down List 1.PNG

In the picture above, I have a list of things that are to be completed before a target date, which are visible in Column B. The status of same is to be entered in Column C.

The Drop Down List will be having only 2 possible options being Yes or No.

In cases where the options are limited & will not be altered every now and then, it is better to go with hard coded source data for the list.

Let me show you what I mean -

1) Click on the cell you wish to have your drop down list on, in this case Cell C2.

2) On the data tab, select data validation.

Excel Data Validation Drop Down List 2.PNG

3) On the Settings Tab, under Validation Criteria, from the Allow Drop Down List, select List.

4) On the Source Box, enter the options you want, in this case Yes & No separated by commas & click on OK.

Excel Data Validation Drop Down List 3.PNG

5) Drag the fill handle till Cell C8 to have the Drop Down List available in front of all the topics.

Excel Data Validation Drop Down List 4.PNG

Niceeee!!! Let’s take another example.

Example 2: Drop Down List with linked source data –

Excel Data Validation Drop Down List 5.PNG

In this case, I wish to have a List in cell F2, with the source data linked to the original table from Range B2:B8.

All the above steps remain the same, except when you come to the Source Box, instead of Hard Coding the data like we did in the previous example, select range B2:B8 and then click OK.

Excel Data Validation Drop Down List 6.PNG

This is how it should look.

Excel Data Validation Drop Down List 7.PNG

Check out this Video on how to build a self-updating drop down list

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