Reset All Slicers At Once

Slicers were a great introduction in the Excel 2010 Version. They work really really well with Pivot Tables to help you slice and dice your data very quickly.

However, if you deal with quite a few slicers on a report, you surely must have observed that currently there is no way you can reset all slicers at once. If you have 10 slicers on a report, you have to clear all 10 of those one after the other, which is very annoying.

Hence, I had to ask VBA for some help!

Put the below code on your personal macro workbook, to be able to clear all Slicers at once -


Sub SlicerReset()

'Resets all Slicers at once Application.ScreenUpdating = False Dim Cache As SlicerCache For Each Cache In ActiveWorkbook.SlicerCaches Cache.ClearManualFilter Next Cache Application.ScreenUpdating = True End Sub


Just incase you are still caught up with the 2007 version, slicers wont be aavailable to you. I have a workaround that you might want to check out -

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